Hardford AB holds certification to ISO 14001:2004. Certification is a vital factor for success in our environmental work and helps to ensure that we work systematically with our most significant environmental aspects:
•     Energy consumption for production and heating
•     Selection of ingredients
•     Use of our products

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Hardford AB holds certification to ISO 9001:2008 and follows ISO 22716:2007 _GMP for cosmetic products. This certification helps to ensure that we are constantly aiming to improve both ourselves and our products. Maintaining focus is every bit as important internally as it is externally, when we work with the minute details and when we work with products as a whole. Quality is the result of optimisation of every stage in the product implementation process: reliable formulas, the best ingredients, inspection of ingredients, packaging development, inspections, fine tuning and regular evaluation of each production stage. Every tiny aspect is vital to the quality of the products which consumers buy.

Focusing on details allows us to manufacture the same product thousands of times over, and always with the same appearance, consistency and scent. 22716 2007 blue

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Hardford AB holds certification in accordance with the requirements specified in EC Directive 76/11/EEC in respect of volume and weight. This certification means that we meet the requirements specified for e-labelling of prepackaged products.

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