Private label

A strong concept provides the foundation for a successful product. And to do a strong concept justice, you need a smart development process. We can help you turn your visions into reality – right the way along the line, from concept to in-store product.


Market insight

With 25 years at the cutting edge of the industry, we’re quite sure we have more of an insight into the market than most companies, and we use in-depth trend analyses to make sure we’re always up on current trends.

Unique concept suggestions

Our trend analyses and insight into the market provide us with a firm foundation on which can devise unique concept suggestions targeted specifically at a particular target group, brand and category strategy.

Packaging development

A number of packaging suggestions are presented for every new product. These are checked and tested thoroughly in order to make sure they meet the demands of both production and end consumers.

R&D and product safety

Research and innovation are a very major part of the things that are closest to our hearts here at Hardford. Our development laboratory allows us to quickly turn your concepts and requests into successful products.





Our facility is designed to handle different production types of varying sizes. We’re fully equipped to manufacture products requiring special production methods and handle most types of packaging.


At Hardford, we handle production, storage and distribution in a single state-of-the-art business system in order to create as streamlined a production and distribution chain as possible.


We’re keen to ensure that our transportation is secure and reliable, so we offer quality-assured distribution thanks to contracts with some of the biggest carriers in Europe. Our staff receive special training on the handling and storage of hazardous goods.